Annual Symposium: The New Science of Child Development

Friday, November 16, 2012 - 08:00 to 16:00
Ottawa Convention Centre

What is more significant than the health and well-being of future generations? With much emphasis placed on supporting and financing programs for adolescents and adults with poor mental and physical health, initiatives on prevention measures tend to be overlooked. However, recent advances in areas of neuroscience, behavioural psychology, social psychology and epigenetics are shifting the focus to the early stages of development which is proving to be a strong determinant of health and the key to mitigating health issues in later life.

The Royal Society of Canada invites you to our symposium on Early Childhood Development which will explore in further depth the multi-faceted factors that shape the health, education, and psychological well-being of our children. Tom Boyce, as well as eight multidisciplinary experts will document different facets of this new knowledge, examine how it helps us understand the role of early environment in development, and discuss the extent to which it can be harnessed to guide current and new programs and policy in Canada. Please join this very important discussion on how we can improve the development and quality of life of our future generations.

The 2012 Annual Symposium, presented by the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, will speak to the concerns of various healthcare professionals, early childhood educators, and public health policy makers, as their role in implementing recommended and existing programs is crucial to creating sustainable changes in childhood development. The discussions will also serve as a great forum for a broader audience that includes current and future parents and caregivers, as the implications of early childhood development is an important topic for any individual with a vested interest in future generations.

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Ottawa Convention Centre
55 Colonel By Drive
Ottawa, Ontario K1N 9J2