Événements passés

15 novembre 2017 - 4:00pm

Un homme est assis seul sur un banc public. Il accroche des passants, espérant peut-être pour un instant nouer quelque chose avec eux, s'extraire de sa tête. Des paroles lancées, un caléidoscope de ses souvenirs; cassures, joies, et blessures - ses impressions sur et par la vie qui se meuvent et s'entremêlent. À côté de lui, une femme dérobée, discrète, invisible. Qui crie à voix basse des fragments d'elle-même, inaudibles.

06 novembre 2017

As Canada moves to legalize cannabis for recreational purposes, public education is a public health priority requiring increased public investments in prevention programmes, research, and healthcare supports and services across the population. Citizen engagement with these issues to find our way forward together is critical.

28 octobre 2017

Le Canada dans les 150 prochaines années : Ré-imaginer la Constitution du peuple

22 avril 2017 - 10:00am

10.00am    Ugo Piomelli FRSC
                  Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering – Queen’s University

31 mars 2017 - 3:00am

Dr. Bonnie Huskins leads this two day event featuring a Research Seminar and Public Lecture focusing on the significant public interest of the Syrian refugee crisis. Maritime Canada residents draw a connection between present day Syrian refugees and their Loyalist ancestors, who also fled from war and persecution to begin new lives in the region. This event proposes to aid the general public in teasing out these connections. The event features presentations by Dr.

11 janvier 2017

Dr. Charmaine Nelson is the first and currently only black professor within the discipline of Art History at a Canadian University. She is a world-class expert on Trans Atlantic Slavery Studies and Black Diaspora Studies as it intersects with Art History and Visual Culture. The author/editor of seven books, in this Open Academy event Dr.

03 December 2016 - 9:00am

What is it like to grow up as a child who has a complex health condition? How does it feel to miss school in order to visit multiple care providers? How do parents and siblings cope when caring for a child's chronic physical, behavioural, and/or mental problem? How can we support a beloved family who often travels long distances (even out-of-province) for medical consultations for their child?

17 novembre 2016

L’un des éléments essentiels du plan stratégique de la Société royale du Canada (SRC) est « d’amplifier la portée de l’assemblée générale annuelle et du colloque annuel de la SRC ». De 1945 à 1980, la SRC a tenu son assemblée générale annuelle au moins une fois dans chaque province du Canada et dans 25 universités d’un océan à l’autre. En 2013, la SRC a renoué cette tradition, débutant avec une visite à Banff, Alberta.

28 juillet 2016 - 6:30pm

Attitudes toward nonhuman animals are clearly changing in the many contexts in which we interact with them – from the roads that we build through their habitats, to the treatment of our companion animals, to the food we put on our plates. To say that these issues are both important to the Canadian public and highly controversial would be an understatement.

24 juin 2016 - 3:00am

Breakthrough technologies such as CRISPR-cas9 are touted as having great promise for treating and preventing disease. But some advocates ask why we should stop there. We have the opportunity—even the duty—they say, to wrest control of human evolution from the blind, cruel forces of nature. Prof. Comfort will explore the history and motivations behind human genetic improvement, as well as what’s at stake in these debates.