Meeting of the G8 Science Ministers and Presidents of the G8 National Science Academies

Tuesday, June 11, 2013 to Wednesday, June 12, 2013
London, England

On the occasion of the UK Presidency of the G8, the Right Honourable David Willetts MP and Sir Paul Nurse FRS will host a G8 meeting of the Science Ministers and the Presidents of National Science Academies at the Royal Society in London. The meeting will form an integral part of the overall UK G8 Presidency programme. It will focus on how the G8 nations can lead efforts to improve the transparency, coherence and coordination of the global research enterprise in order to address global challenges and maximise the social and economic benefits of research. The aim of the meeting is to bring the scientific community into the core G8 agenda of transparency and openess and illustrate the role science can play to support, complement and impact the mainstream debates around huge global and societal challenges.  The national Academies already meet regularly at G8 level and produce statements, but these statements are not  always relevant to mainstream discussions and hence this is an attempt to corale all that energy into key issues on the G8 agenda.

President-Elect Graham Bell will be representing the Society as this meeting.