Symposium - What Should be the "Business" of the University in the 21st Century?

Friday, September 26, 2014 - 12:00 to 17:00
Summit Suite: Halifax World Trade & Convention Centre

The future of post-secondary education is a current debate, nationally and internationally. Our goal is to develop an understanding of the nuances and dynamics in Atlantic Canada, which can contribute to the broader discussion. The focus of this symposium will be the historic and emerging role(s) of the university: preparation for civic life, education, research, job training; past and future impact of the university beyond the campus, regionally, nationally, and internationally.

The format includes a panel of presenters, (Bill Black, Noreen Golfman, Ray Ivany, Greg Kealey, Peter MacKinnon, Rosie Redfield) representing diverse views and regions, and speaking to specific questions on the subject, which will be followed by individual and group discussion. In addition to Fellows of the RSC, invited audience members will include regional university presidents, student union presidents, newly-elected Members of the College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists, and representatives from the ministries of education.